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Basic Email Signature

Basic Email Signature

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One (1) basic designer email signature to include two (2) social media profiles.  Signatures are compatible with Android, iPhone, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook & Mac mail. 

Send The following business information to

  • Logo or Headshot (jpeg or png)
  • Brand Color Code (If you know it)
  • *Your Name
  • *Your Title
  • *Business Name
  • Company Address or City and State (standard address format)
  • up to two (2) Social Media URLS NOTE: For example, (https://www.instagram/***********.com) We recommend you login to your social media account from a web browser ( such as IE, Chrome, Safari, or etc. ) rather than your mobile phone’s app & copy and paste the URL into your email. We do not recommend typing this information as it may return an error message. Please do this for all of your social media accounts. 
  • E-mail address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Website URL NOTE: Copy and paste the URL from a web browser such as IE, Chrome, Safari, or etc.

▪️Expect 3 day processing time, from the time you email your details.

*Required info